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My 5 Favourite Muuto Pieces

Muuto – Rooted in the Scandinevian design Tradition. An honest design that brings authentic modern design to every room in your home.

Find below my 5 Favourite Muuto Pieces.

The Muuto Control Lamp

The Muuto Control Lamp

The Muuto Control Lamp comes with the E27 makes bulb. Fantastic is the dial to alter the light. It’s a high quality technology manufactured in simple design in different colours. Dusty Red, White, Black and Grey.

The Muuto Fiber Side, Stool and Arm Chair

The Seat is a Shell that comes in different colour variations and the legs are available in wood or metal.
Personally I love the Oak Wood Legs the best, but I see the perfection in all of them. Are you more into wood or metal legs?
Btw the Stools are available with a short back ,too.

The Muuto Outline Sofa

The Muuto Outline Sofa

The Muuto Outline Sofa adds new perspectives to the classic Scandinavian design sofas of the 1960’s, marrying the ideals of simplicity and function into one.

The Muuto Folded Shelves

The Muuto Folded Shelves

Super handy in every Office or Entry Way. I personally use them in my Office and I cannot be happier. All my paperwork, books and other things I want keep handy, are nicely tucked away hanging on the wall – and looking gorgeous.

The Muuto Dots

And last but not least – my absolute favourite accessory: The Muuto Dots. They come in Metal or first class Oiled Oak and Ash Wood. I love them. They are so handy, playful and useful in so many ways. I am about to order them for the Entry way, the Hallway upstairs and the walk in closet. It’s overdue. I will place the order this week. Anyone wants to join an order as well? – so I won’t feel so guilty? 😉

I hope you enjoyed my blog post today. Happy Tuesday!
Cheers, Sina

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