Residential and Commercial Interior Design is my expertise.

Cheers everyone, First of all, thank you for visiting my website. I came a long way and I am glad to know you’re leaving a footprint on my page.

My name is Sina, I am a furniture Nerd / furniture Guru – originally from Europe. I came to Canada about 5 years ago and it was one of my best decisions I have ever made.

While I was growing up in Europe my family has been working in the Furniture Business for decades. Learning about the greatest designer throughout the first years of my life and with the knowledge working for Vitra in Germany and Switzerland, I pursued my talent working with furniture and people. Meanwhile, going to a Media and Design High School and graduating with a Bachelor of Arts in 2013, I enhanced my skills in business and interior design & overall coming to the result of having a better eye for design every day.

Moving to Vancouver in 2014 gave me the opportunity approving my English skills, but also working for several kitchen, countertops, bathroom & lighting suppliers, furniture stores and manufacturers in the furniture & fashion Industrie. My hard work paid off, when I finally received my permanent residence with the ability to stay in Canada forever.
Then I knew, there was nothing to hold me back and I started Vanteriordesign!

Passionate about Furniture & Design, I am blogging to share with you amazing deals, ideas and inspirations (not to forget the Tuesday treasures) – while working on current projects in Vancouver and Squamish BC Canada.

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Furthermore, I am the owner of the successful plant business in Squamish and Vancouver B.C. – called Vanterior Plant.
Check out my website & let me know which plant you fell in love with. 😉 


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