Content creation

We create. You sit back.
We have been working with architects, store fronts, hairstylists and short term rental management companies to create outstanding material, published on Instagram through pictures or / and reels.

We create entertaining or educational material, expressed and specialized through Instagram.

The process is simple.

  1. We start with a consultation on site or over the phone.
  2. We create a package deal that works for your business, budget and timeline.
  3. Our work starts when the agreement is signed and a50% deposit is made.

4. We will create material, such as videos and pictures on site with our equipment based on your schedule.
5. With the material created, we continue working on your content for Instagram, such as reels and submit for review within 24 hours.
6. After your review and potential changes, we share our final videos through Google Drive for an easy access for you to download them at any time. We will also make sure to notify you with the right, matching music choice.


There aren’t any loopholes or any extra hours involved.

  1. We charge a flat fee starting at $99 plus / minus depending on the location and the amount of reels.
  2. We offer reoccurring services on a flat fee (TBD) if your business requires us coming back on a regular basis taking pictures and videos to stay up-to-date.

This is a very basic and simple, digital marketing service where we got the time and love what we do while you can sit back and enjoy your social media material.

Let’s connect and schedule a consultation over the phone or on site.

Cell: 778 899 4849