Tuesday Treasures

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This week it’s all about your Outdoor Furniture.


Mantra of the week:
Let’s get ready for Spring with Patio Furniture and more.

The Foldable Stool – Let’s start simple with an – OH WOW – amazing deal. I ordered this Bamboo Stool as I needed something handy while gardening and I haven’t ordered my patio furniture yet. Plus this stool is foldable and easy to carry and to hide away when I don’t need it. Also, it has proven to be very useful when we have guests with kids over for more seating options or even as a small side table – indoor and outdoor. And don’t judge the simplicity of that stool – if it’s too simple, add some decorative items such as a small planter with a cute plant or flowers – or add a small cloth or pillow, depending if you’d use it as a side table or as a stool. Btw, once fall / winter starts, I use that stool indoors next to my bathtub (it’s perfectly fine in wet conditions). It’s a great accessory to put down your glass of wine while having a bubble bath. Namaste. (Only $19.99)

Fiberglass Reinforced Planter – Looks like heavy duty, but it’s a fibreglass reinforced planter. That Natural Cement square Planter is the highlight in any driveway or patio. It’s simplicity and durability is an absolute win.

Plant Hangers – Use the space as much as you can, especially if you’re living in a rental and only have so much space on your balcony? Instead of big planters, use the Plant Hangers. They look amazing bringing the nature to your space for a relaxing spring and summer. Two Hangers from Amazon for only $16.99.

Oval Garden Stool – A totally different vibe brings that Maya Oval Garden Stool constructed of a variety of reclaimed woods including acacia, pine, and rubber wood. For only $88.89 you can get this beauty delivered straight to your home for extra seating for a joyful Garden party or just as an additional beautiful decor.

Deluxe Watering Can – Glam Glam even outdoors – Get the deluxe watering can based on the design created by John Haws in 1886 and see your neighbours gasps wen watering your flowers 😉 Only $74.00.

LED Tea Lights – Never worry anymore about candles that may tip over and burn down your house on your garden parties. With the Homemory Battery Operated LED Tea Lights you and your guests are save at all times. They are not only save to be used outdoors, the flameless wave open LED tea lights can create warm and romantic atmosphere for only $19.59 for a pack of 24 pieces.

Modern Side Table – Something more extravagant and glamorous but simple in it’s appearance is the LeisureMod Modern Boyd Side Table. It’s made out of  sturdy polypropylene plastic and comes with a removable lid top to add storage inside. The best part is that this stool is for outdoor and indoor use as its smooth top, over Ribbed design bottom, looks great inside as well. A stool that can be used all year around. Different colours available for $160.00

Happy Shopping!