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Hints and Highlights

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Picking your Kitchen Countertops

Renovating? Building your new home?
In any case, nothing is harder then picking your Kitchen Countertops.
That’s at least my opinion. We just received the Countertops this weekend and I can tell you, it wasn’t a very quick decision. There are many aspects that need to be considered before placing the final order for your most Kitchen Countertops. Besides, the pressure is high considering that the kitchen is one of the most important places in a home, to be the centre of every event by friends and family, over the past hundreds of years.

Well, have you thought your Countertop Options through and how will you decide?

The most important steps you may want to consider are the following:

  1. Material
    There are lots of different materials that can be used for your kitchen countertop. Depending on your needs and lifestyle, either or are the best fit for you.
    Let me introduce you to the most common ones:
    QUARTZ: one of my favourite option for Kitchen Countertops, as it’s though and durable, which is great for busy families with kids. t’s man-made and nowadays are finishes available that look like natural stone.
    GRANITE: Durable and affordable. My absolute favourite is the “Dark Water” Granite from Margranite. (Which you can see in the featured picture).
    MARBLE: Absolutely gorgeous, but stains and scratches easily. Never forget to seal the countertops and clean very thoughtful.
    CONCRETE: Modern and durable, stunning but also simple. (We have decided for Concrete Flooring. Getting it all smooth and buffed was an act itself! I’ll tell you another time!). 
  2. Design
    It’s quite overwhelming choosing the right finish. It starts by visiting  a countertop shop or manufacturer the first time. The choices are endless, it seams.
    It’s great to have your own designer in this case. Not only to help picking the right finish going well with your wall paint, cabinet finishes, flooring, but also to receive a great price/discount for your new countertops.
    If you decide to choose your countertops by yourself, I’d recommend to visit 3 countertop places and getting 3 quotes at least.
    You can compare then pricing and besides, not every countertop place offers the same brands. Make sure you compare and decide wisely.
    Tipp: Choose a couple samples of the most interesting finishes and take them home. Its ver important to see the countertop finishes at your own place, as the lighting may be completely different.
  3. Hands On
    I always encourage clients to choose, see and feel their slabs. After they made a decision for the finish, a sample can look a little or much different to the actual slab that would be installed. Talk to your supplier and find out if you can see the slabs in person before they start cutting your countertop. Besides, they usually need a day of a heads up to pull the slab into position to be presented to you. Give them a call in advance.

    Book an appointment to look at your slab.
  4. Installation
    The final installation shall be booked with 100% professionals. Make sure that the installation crew visit your site before cutting the countertops. usually it’s in the price included and you’ll be ensured that they will take accurate measurements.

Don’t worry, be happy.

In any case, the most important part is that you are happy with your Kitchen Design in the end. It’s nothing that usually changes yearly and the money shall be well spent.
Take it serious, but also don’t let it overwhelm you and trust your guts. In the end, you can count in them or if it’s just too much, consider consulting a designer. We are here for you. And believe me, the pressure is gone once you see the countertops in place. Amazing.

Squamish Sneak Preview of the Main Kitchen

The featured picture is a sneak preview of the Main Kitchen of our Squamish Project in B.C. Canada showcasing the “Dark Water” Granite with a waterfall! We just received the Countertops last Saturday and I am blessed how they have turned out.
Stunning! Lovely! Amazing! YES, I am happy.

Any questions or add ons? Please comment below.
Happy Monday!


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Best of Zara Fall Fashion 2018

I had to drag myself out of the store. Zara fashion is just so adorable and affordable. Besides, all those leopard print options available just made me gap – blouses, pants, hats and and and (which I love love love) – Besides, I found another super cute & festive “Christmas”-Outfit I must share with you.

Please enjoy the Best of Zara Fall Fashion pieces from 2018

Favourit Fall Zars Fashion - 2018 - numbered.001.jpeg


  1. This elegant print bucket bag is super interesting with its two colours. It’s luxury look is perfect for my outfit.
  2. Yes a scarf, but I’d use it as a hairband with this outfit. Very elegant and a nice accessory to look amazing while keeping your hair away. (Hair up looks much nicer with this dress as it’s collar will be notices much better).
  3. A super crazy good deal are those wide lapel coats in three different colours. I just got myself today one in Sand/Marl. Super cute and only $30.00.
  4. Must have during cold nights out – Those leather gloves for only $45.90 come with elasticized wrist and buttons.
  5. We are still hitting  couple sunny days where a hat comes handy – honestly, even without the sun is this a very adorable accessory.
  6. Thick Solid Ankle Boots. Thats what they are called and the look? Stunning. Different. And super trendy. The best part is, they go with everything. Jeans, Dress Pants, skirts and dresses. Try it with your dress and changes  your look from a super-chic-high-heel-dress-look to a chic-urban-sexy-rock-bold-look-ish!? I just love them!
  7. Not a dress. A shirt dress. It’s cute collar and detail at the end of the sleeves caught my attention. I can speak for myself – It’s super comfy, adorable and sits perfect. I bought this dress in size S and I am more like size 34/36 then 32/34.

Heads up: I would wear the dress and those shoes (or any other black high heels / boots you may already have) with white socks, showing a little bit. Basically, the socks will stick out of your shoe a little. This continues white detail as showing on your dress, will make your outfit complete.

Happy Sunday! ♥