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Hints and Highlights

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Best of Zara Fall Fashion 2018

I had to drag myself out of the store. Zara fashion is just so adorable and affordable. Besides, all those leopard print options available just made me gap – blouses, pants, hats and and and (which I love love love) – Besides, I found another super cute & festive “Christmas”-Outfit I must share with you.

Please enjoy the Best of Zara Fall Fashion pieces from 2018

Favourit Fall Zars Fashion - 2018 - numbered.001.jpeg


  1. This elegant print bucket bag is super interesting with its two colours. It’s luxury look is perfect for my outfit.
  2. Yes a scarf, but I’d use it as a hairband with this outfit. Very elegant and a nice accessory to look amazing while keeping your hair away. (Hair up looks much nicer with this dress as it’s collar will be notices much better).
  3. A super crazy good deal are those wide lapel coats in three different colours. I just got myself today one in Sand/Marl. Super cute and only $30.00.
  4. Must have during cold nights out – Those leather gloves for only $45.90 come with elasticized wrist and buttons.
  5. We are still hitting  couple sunny days where a hat comes handy – honestly, even without the sun is this a very adorable accessory.
  6. Thick Solid Ankle Boots. Thats what they are called and the look? Stunning. Different. And super trendy. The best part is, they go with everything. Jeans, Dress Pants, skirts and dresses. Try it with your dress and changes  your look from a super-chic-high-heel-dress-look to a chic-urban-sexy-rock-bold-look-ish!? I just love them!
  7. Not a dress. A shirt dress. It’s cute collar and detail at the end of the sleeves caught my attention. I can speak for myself – It’s super comfy, adorable and sits perfect. I bought this dress in size S and I am more like size 34/36 then 32/34.

Heads up: I would wear the dress and those shoes (or any other black high heels / boots you may already have) with white socks, showing a little bit. Basically, the socks will stick out of your shoe a little. This continues white detail as showing on your dress, will make your outfit complete.

Happy Sunday! ♥

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Cozy Fall Fashion & Interior

Cozy up with my Cozy Fall Fashion and Interior “Hint & Highlights“. ♥

It’s the time o the year and as much as I am looking forward to this crazy cool Christmas Party coming Saturday, I am also really looking forward to cozy up and snuggle with my man on Sunday at home. There is nothing more in the world I can wish for (and maybe a new pair of leopard boots!).

Cozy Fall Fashion and Interior 2018.001

  1. Some Blackberry Absinthe Diffuser are always handy – I personally like them in the bathroom. Make sure you turn the wood reeds upside-down about every week. That’s how you keep the smell flowing.
  2. This hairband is just so awesome that I bought already multiple colours.. It drys super quick, looks great and cute with its little bowtie AND it does what its meant to be for – it keeps your hair out of your face.
  3. If you haven’t noticed yet, The Cross also offers jewelry besides Furniture and other cute little Home Decor items. My current fave is this adorable necklace with the Double Hearts. So romantic.
  4. The Tibetan Lamb White Pillow is always on my list and HAS to be mentioned in this article – coziness overload.
  5. I love Vintage and so do I love this Vintage Cotton Pajamas. 100% Cotton and currently on Sale at Nordstrom.
  6. Cozy up under this blanket with your sweetheart. Maybe some popcorn and a good movie, too? 100% Cotton and only $29.99 from Ikea.
  7. It does not only look good in your hand it also delivers hot chocolate straight to your mouth – if you want to. This real classy mug is 22K Gold for only $13.99 on sale at The Bay.
  8. When I saw these the other day I couldn’t even decide which colour my favourite is. So I had to leave and think about it before I’d buy more then one pair. Those pom pom slippers are just adorable, cute and super comfy staying at home for some snuggle time.
  9. One hot chocolate (I cannot drink coffee – not handling coffin real well) and one Croissant please. 😉 Order some hot stuff from your babe this weekend from this handy tray. What up?
  10. Last but not least – have the right setting for the cozy day and night time with your darling. Those Christa Tealight Holders will brighten up your night, but just as much as you need it to….

Happy Friday and a great start into the week. ♥

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