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The Kitchen

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Short Description:

We are looking at an open Kitchen with an Island with a Double Sink and a 48″ Gas Range. It has everything that a Kitchen needs and I love it.
The pictures:
Showing my absolute favourite Muuto Fiber Bar Stools in Counter Height with Oak Legs and a White Seat – matching the Dining Chairs. I prefer the ones without a back, so they can be nicely tucked away below the surface.
The Countertops are Granite called “Dark Water”. Going directly to the manufacturer as a designer saved us a lot of money. The Island is gorgeous with its waterfall on one side. The bold design is reflecting the overall masculine design of the house. The black and white cabinets are simple but rich in space and won’t take away from the gorgeous Granite Floor.

Future Plans:

  • Backsplash: A dark red glossy finish that looks like back-painted glass
  • Covering the kitchen hood with the same finish as the ceiling

The Living & Dining Room

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Short Description:

The Living and Dining Room is very complex and one large room combined incl. the Kitchen. The Design shall be fluent throughout the whole space, but at the same time furniture pieces shall standing out individually.
This said, we picked the same wood (Oak) and finishes in white and black matching with the Kitchen Design. The wooden ceilings are bringing warmth to the place. The Granite Kitchen Countertop can be found in the Living Room as well on top of the console with a dramatic waterfall at the end. The Console Doors are the metal clattering that can be found outside along the upper portion of the house. I like to bring the outside in and reflecting the overall design of the house within each room.
The pictures:
Furthermore, I like to sprinkle accents with iconic pieces such as the Eeero Saarinen Womb Chair with the Ottoman (Please do not purchase the chair without the Ottman!) and the Fireorb. These two fellows are like husband and wife or Bonnie and Clyde – one more badass then the other (please excuse my language).
The Eero Saarinen Side Table is another iconic piece that is in need to round up the relationship between the Womb Chair and the Fireorb or even being the bridge of bringing them closer. The Saarinen Side Table is a luxury piece with a black marble top and black base.
The highlight of the sofa lounge area is the Muuto Leaf Lamp . With it’s clean and simple lines it’s gracefully appearing behind the sofa without taking a lot of space.
The Dining Room is showcasing the Muuto Fiber Side Chairs an Muuto Fiber Armchairs in Black and White with Oak Legs. Available in different Shell and Leg finishes.
The IKEA Pendants are the perfect match – it’s light scale is not blocking the view from the Kitchen throughout the Dining and Living Room Area and it’s black metal structure matches the rest of the style. To be honest, we purchased those for a fast solution for our Christmas Holiday with our Family, but now, we love them. Plus, they were only CDN$30.00. Why bothering changing them for now?

Future Plans:

  • Stacking the wood behind the fireplace with metal rods creating shelves floating above the concrete floor. Dramatic and keeping an open design. Using the high ceilings as a storage area
  • Rugs, Accent Pillows and framed Posters will be picked after the final sofa is chosen

The Master Bedroom

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Short Description:

For the Master Bedroom we got a real good deal on the Briers June King Size Bed. It looks stunning and it’s super easy to built, plus we have some additionally storage below the bed. Love it. To be honest, my bed is one of the most comfy places within the whole house (right after my favourite Womb chair 😉 ) ! A big role plays the mattress. I am absolutely a fan of Endy Mattesses and I won’t ever buy any other brand since I have tried this one. I have purchased one a year ago for my downtown apartment, and it’s still comfy comfy comfy and of course most importantly healthy at the same time.
The pictures
The pictures are showcasing the Bed and Bedding from the Hudson’s Bay (the Bay Days are usually the best days to go if you’re looking for a crazy deal!) and she Decor Pillows I bought for $15.00 each from Walmart (yes, I do shop sometimes at Walmart when it comes to Decor and Accessories).
Next to the King Bed are two Florence Knoll Hairpin Side Tables with a White Top and Black Base. Heads up: This side table is a designer piece that is quite affordable (around CDN$200.00) and comes in different colours. Worth to check out. Very useful as an End Table as well. We will keep using the two Hairpin Tables until we found our perfect Nightstands (still looking!). The Table Lamps are the Muuto Control Lamps, which are dimmable. Of course, it’s available in different colours. I am totally obsessed with that Scandinavian brand.
Another highlight of the Master Bedroom is the Make up Vanity, which is basically an Ikea Shelf floating off the wall. The Ikea shelf does not come like that, we had do so some tweaking to assemble it without any brackets.
My dresser is very important to me to store my undies and have enough space for my jewelry boxes. (Yes, women have a lot of things!)

Future Plans:

  • Two white nightstands, a rug with pink undertones, white curtains with black rods and an ottoman are missing in our lovely master bedroom, but will be carefully picked soon

The Master Bathroom

[grid_plus name=”Final Master Bathroom”] 

Short Description:

The Master Bathroom has lots of day light by Skylights and a tall vertical window allowing the view to the forest while relaxing in the freestanding bathtub. With a Double Sink, we can enjoy our daily routine in the bathroom together using each one sink.
The Shower tiles are a matt Marble look, chosen to be spectacular in it’s softness and elegance, but also not taking away from the wall behind the freestanding tub. We simply had the ceiling wood coming down the wall, which also gives warmth to the room. Keeping it simple and a “clean” look, we picked a simple white Granite for the Vanity and for the Bench in the shower (keep it consistent!).

Future Plans:

  • Framed Posters and one more towel rod behind the bathtub

The Entry Way & Staircase

[grid_plus name=”The Entry Way”] 

Short Description:

For the Entry Way we have purchased so far the Nelson Platform Bench and the CB2 Izzy Pillow as well as one tall mirror that reflects the Entry Door to make the room seam bigger overall.
The pictures:
The top 3 pictures are showcasing the staircase. We picked a light floor finish that doesn’t take away from the wall where the wood is coming down from the ceiling. The snake plant is a simple but big WOW effect in the corner of the staircase. The black hand rail is a nice detail that is standing out and is pairing perfectly with the black basket and Eero Saarinen Tulip Side Table with it’s shiny Nero Marquina Marble Top and Black Base at the entryway. The upper staircase / hallway has a Knoll Rockwell Unscripted Credenza decorated with a Muuto Cozy in White Lamp that brightens up the upper staircase with a warm light on a dimmer.

Have you heard about polished plaster?
Wikipedia: Polished plaster is a term for the finish of some plasters and for the description of new and updated forms of traditional Italian plaster finishes.

JJ Wall Finishes worked on our two walls in the Entry Way and the end result is stunning.
Please contact me if you’re interested in getting pricing incl. a designer discount.

Future Plans:

  • A metal Console and some Wood Muuto dots will complete the entrance way.
  • We may or may not go with a rug in the hallway – this will be a surprise
  • One gorgeous black pendant light above the staircase & between the skylights

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